Treasure Chest

Welcome to my Treasure Chest. Discover the gems and little slivers of gold that have rocked my world and grown new mountains my horizons.

Brene Brown:

This is an amazing TED talk about the power of vulnerability from a woman whose life work has been research on authenticity, shame, vulnerability and courage.


TED organizes riveting talks by remarkable people and makes them free to everyone around the globe. Speakers are engaging, world-changing and world-view changing individuals who have something powerful to share. Please dip in to this wealth of inspiring knowledge.

The Women’s Conference 2009:

This conference, held in California and attended by 30,000 people, focused on resilience, the Women’s Nation, grieving, choice, trail-blazing, and tough decision making in tough times. A wide variety of speakers like Katie Couric, Eve Ensler, Somaly Mam, Sir Richard Branson, Governor Schwarzenegger, Madeleine Albright, Geena Davis all gathered to share their experiences,  stories, and insights in a world where women are finding their voice.

Letters to Yourself:

This website (FutureMe) allows you to write an email to yourself and have it emailed to yourself at a predetermined date in the future. What a wonderful concept! I know we have all thought about it–perhaps written letters and tucked them away behind photograph frames, forgotten until a strange moment of remembering. Now, you can tuck it away and know that one day it will return to you! So what would you like to ask your future self? What would you like to remind your future self about from this moment in time?

Desire to Inspire:

For anyone who loves interior design…please, do yourself a favour and check this out. Daily doses of the most beautiful, unique, inspiring, and varied design that I have yet come across all in one home online. Jo and Kim run it together, although they live continents apart and have never met in person. It’s my home-page. What better accolade could I give it than that?


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