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Bonfire Light: a birth

I thought about calling this place the Fireside Light. Which is a pretty cool name, if you ask me. But the problem was that it was too comfortable. Too easy. This is the place to tell my story. The whole epic, universe-sprawling nature of my existence is going to be channeled here, so that I can share triumph and disaster, sweet gentleness and roaring, guttural cry. This us not a place to cozy up and fall asleep–this is a place to cozy up and burn.

And so, Bonfire Light is born.

Here, beside the roaring bonfire of our lives, is where we tell stories. It is often in the half-dark, half-light moments, with the infinite sky above us, the stars each burning a million times more brightly than the fire that casts light and shadow across our faces, that we tell the truths that we have learned and that we are living…this is where we tell our stories, half hidden, half exposed, each of us our own stars, blazing bright across the horizon of our life, igniting and exploding in sparks of glory.

Here, I am bonfire-side. I am on the bonfire-side of life, burning brightly. I am here to stand up, be counted, and tell my story.




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