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Thoughts for Thursdays – Kate Winslet calls out GQ’s lies: ‘I don’t look like that’

Keira Knightly gets a boob job, Jessica Alba gets slimmed down, and Cindy Crawford doesn’t actually look anything like…Cindy Crawford. In this short video, Jean Kilbourne talks to us about the female body in advertising, illuminating the ways in which the female body is over-sexualized, over-‘perfected’, and dehumanized, and shows us just how extreme the photoshop-changes are to the women we are told we should emulate in order to be beautiful.

At the end, she tells us how Kate Winslet stood up to GQ when they distorted an image of her for the cover of their magazine.

Enjoy. Or should I say…be repulsed.


Interested in knowing more? This is a trailer for Jean Kilbourne’s ‘Killing Us Softly’ DVD. Check it out!


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