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Thoughts for Thursdays – UPDATE! + Laughter Yoga *you’ll giggle!*

I’m a little out of words today (it’s been a long year) so I thought I’d keep it all short and simple. I like the idea of this quote because it is infinitely flexible and can shed a ray of light on to the kind of life you might like to lead. Given that I have (always) been on a journey to try to work out what exactly it is that I want my life to look like, this struck a chord with me. It was a simple phrase to which I responded: “Yes”.

Giving a “yes” so unreservedly is difficult for me when it comes to life–I’m often too busy being unsure, second guessing, and asking myself  “is this what will really make me happy?”, and not knowing how to answer that question. But this quote made me realize that there are many aspects of life to which I can answer “Yes”–they may not be questions like “Do you want to follow a career in [insert career choice here]”, but they are meaningful questions that, together, might allow me to build my life from the inside out. And given that I seem unable to pick out the big stuff (where to live, what to do), answering yes to some smaller, and yet incredibly important questions, might, one by one, lead me in the right direction. So…

If you are too busy to laugh, you are too busy. Yes. 

If you are too busy to listen to a friend, you are too busy. Yes.

If you are too busy to get out of the city, you are too busy. Yes.

If you are too busy to go to France, you are too busy. Yes. 

If you are too busy to walk your dog, you are too busy. Yes.

What about you? What is so important to you that if you are too busy to do it, you are simply too busy?

Are you too busy to giggle at this?


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Thoughts for Thursdays – Christopher Morely

“Read, every day, something no one else is reading. Think, every day, something no one else is thinking. Do, every day, something no one else would be silly enough to do. It is bad for the mind to be always part of unanimity”
(Christopher Morley)

In all the time alone I’ve had since my life changed entirely back in June, I’ve discovered a whole world of perspectives and ideas that I’ve never really noticed before or paid attention to when they appeared previously. I have been given a whole new set of vocabulary with which to to experience the world. Words which once never meant much to me have started to shape how I am living. Words like authenticity. Wholeheartedness. Healing. Then there are words which have always been on my horizon, but I am understanding their meaning in new ways. Words like compassion. Courage. Communication. Shame. Vulnerability.

Sometimes, because I have started to shift so much, I feel like I am stepping out on a path that looks and feels and sounds very, very different to the paths which my friends are taking. Sometimes this makes me doubt myself: why am I now functioning and experiencing the world differently?

It is in those moments that a quote like Morley’s reminds me of the value of change, the value of stepping outside of someone else’s dogma. I have always had an affinity for this quote, and always for one reason: I see it as reassurance to dream my own dreams, think my own thoughts, walk my own path, and use my own words to frame my life.

Sometimes we all need this reassurance. What about you? What experiences do you have of stepping out on your own terms?


Last Thursday got a away from me a little bit, and I haven’t caught up with it until today. Please enjoy this Thoughts for Thursday on a Monday anyways!

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