One day

Writing goals down on paper, we’re told, makes them more concrete. More real. More likely to be achieved. Same thing with sending the vibes out into the universe. So, self and universe, here is my ever-expanding list!

  1. Have a dog
  2. See a great musical
  3. Learn to make bread
  4. Learn to make pastry…like croissants!
  5. Go on a proper road trip
  6. See the pyramids
  7. Ride in a hot air balloon
  8. Ride in a wee plane (you know…open cockpit, propellers…)
  9. Learn to be more gentle with myself
  10. See the Northern Lights — perhaps in Churchill, with the polar bears!
  11. Learn about the culture, traditions, and wisdom of the First Nations people
  12. Build (perhaps even literally!) a beautiful home filled with love
  13. Learn how to lose gracefully (I’m getting there slowly…I think)
  14. Use a round the world ticket
  15. See the terra cotta warriors (ideally in situ, but I might settle for a couple on tour)
  16. Visit an abandoned city/town
  17. Surprize-visit someone who loves me and who is definitely not expecting to see me! (my boyfriend thought I was halfway around the world and wouldn’t be seeing me for an undetermined and very long time…the happy confusion of my presence on his doorstep was wonderful!)
  18. See whales (in the wild)
  19. See otters (in the wild)
  20. Camp out at a music festival
  21. See live stand-up comedy (Dylan Moran in York!)
  22. Go on a helicopter ride
  23. Go bungee jumping
  24. Learn to drive stick-shift (or at all. That’d be a start)
  25. Start horseback riding again
  26. Be a great cook with a solid repertoire of yummy recipes
  27. Recover from my slipped disc and take preventative measures against relapse
  28. Be compassionate, warm, and grounded for myself
  29. Figure out what it means to me to live authentically, and then do it
  30. Make the hike up to Macchu Picchu
  31. Visit New Zealand to see what all they hype’s about
  32. Explore Canada’s Eastern and Western coasts
  33. Buy a camera, take photos and create photo albums
  34. See a horse be born

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