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O, thou art a perpetual triumph, an everlasting bonfire-light!

(Shakespeare. Henry IV, IV.III)


I believe in the strength of vulnerability, love, grace, compassion, authenticity, and owning it, whatever ‘it’ is to you. I’m all about the power of truth, about showing up, standing up, being heard, and telling your story.

I believe that humanity has the creativity, the flexibility, the ingenuity, the resilience, and most of all, the love & grace to step forward out of where we are now, into a better, brighter, kinder future. My vision of humanity is inherently hopeful: we have the innate capacity to overcome hatred, greed, selfishness, destruction, loneliness; to use our breadth of talents and capacity to survive and thrive, and then to leave our world a better place than when we found it.

I believe that strong, empowered individuals can change the world. I want to help people do just that.

Contact: want to get in touch, ask me question, share a story, spill a truth, light a fire of your own? sure thing!  bonfirelight@live.ca


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